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We offer coverage for a wide variety of autos, whether it is your personal vehicle, an antique auto or your work truck.

  • We cover new and used cars.
  • We have a large network of insurance providers.
  • We can explain coverages to get you what you want and need.

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property, liability and medical coverage

  • Property coverage pays for damage to or theft of your car
  • Liability coverage pays for your legal responsibility to others for bodily injury or property damage
  • Medical coverage pays for the cost of treating injuries, rehabilitation and sometimes lost wages and funeral expenses

Why do you need auto insurance?

  • Any accident can negatively impact the rest of your life but insurance can make it a little easier.
  • If your vehicle is damaged, whether in an accident, by a hail storm or if it is stolen, the costs to repair it or replace it are high. Insurance can help you with those costs if you choose the right coverage.
  • If you are responsible for an accident you could be sued for property damage and injuries. Your policy will pay up to the limit of your coverage for not only the property damage and injuries but also legal costs.
  • If you are injured in an accident that someone else caused and they are not insured. Your policy has a coverage to pay for the medical expenses.
  • Not only is insurance a smart financial decision, it is also required by law.

How We Can Help

We work with several auto insurance companies so we can offer competitive price and coverage options. We are professional trained and licensed so we can explain coverage to you. Auto quotes are offered free and we will gladly talk to you.

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