Turner Village Crossing – Commercial Space For Lease in Turner, ME

Turner Village Crossing has been many years in the making.  Turner resident Mark Duguay wanted to construct an office building that stood above the rest and one that would make the people of Turner proud. It started with a vision and an understanding that the Old Turner Village was a diamond in the rough.  From the beginning to the end, the project has been carefully planned with painstaking attention to detail.  The end result is an aesthetically pleasing building that is a welcomed addition to the Turner Village.

Turner Village Crossing has an additional 3,300 sq feet that is available as lease space. This lease space will give any company, large or small, a professional environment and the exposure that is necessary for success.

From the beginning, Mark saw the potential of the Turner Village.  In the future, Mark plans to continue construction and carry the theme of his first building onto the remaining real estate that he owns.  Mark has the ambition and drive to help push Turner forward and give the local people the amenities that they deserve, while instilling pride in the beautiful community in which they live.

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Located on Route 4 in Turner, ME

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